Bonnie Wright wins part in Bollywood film

In a story that sounds almost as if it could be a film itself, Bonnie Wright has won a role in one of director Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming Bollywood films – in an auction!

Pooja decided to auction off roles in her upcoming films Bad and Cabaret, with the proceeds going to the charity The Scottish Circle, an affiliate of Oxfam. The Scottish Circle is using the money from the auction to help protect women from domestic violence.

The lot that Bonnie won allows her to either take part in a spectacular song and dance number in Cabaret or have a speaking role in Bad. Reportedly, Bonnie not only outbid everyone else, but has also offered to pay double so that her brother Lewis Wright can also be in the film.

Says Pooja of Bonnie’s actions:

I am truly moved by Bonnie’s gesture and I applaud her spirit.

Are you excited to see Bonnie in a Bollywood film? Do you want her to choose a part in Cabaret or Bad? Let us know in the comments!

Jessica J.

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