J.K. Rowling in the eyes of her portrait’s artist

Although Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is known to be quite private when it comes to her personal life, a very limited number of interviews have become available through the years, most of which are in print, on the radio, or on screen. In an article by Daily Mail, we are offered a glimpse into another interview of sorts, though in a different medium.

Pearson Wright, who won the privilege of painting J.K. Rowling’s portrait in 2001 noted “I like the idea that she’s a real person who eats the same food as everyone else, and boiled eggs are very leveling.”

The portrait, which features Rowling “barefoot, eating boiled eggs and soldiers”, began with Wright meeting J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh, sketching, and then “returning for a weekend to paint her at her home.”

Wright won the BP Portrait Award in 2001 as well as a commission to paint the famed author for the National Portrait Gallery.

Pearson Wright also comments:

And when you get to know her she is very normal, as well as extraordinary because of her imagination. There are three eggs because she has three children and three of her own eggs gave rise to those children.

What message do you think this portrait of J.K. Rowling gives? What would your portrait of her look like?