Hogwarts Radio #132: All Covered Up!

Earlier this evening, Hogwarts Radio sat down to record the 132nd edition of their Harry Potter podcast to discuss the big news of the day! Pop in your earbuds, and take a listen to the show as Terrance Pinkston, Keith Hawk, (from MuggleNet Academia) Marissa Reynolds, and Jeanna Marie bring you their thoughts on the all new Deathly Hallows cover by Scholastic! In addition to the release of the cover, the crew discusses the other hottest topics of the past day, and answers YOUR burning questions about the latest news:

-J.K. Rowling settles out of court for psudeonym leak, and donates all funds to charity!
-Lupin’s backstory is revealed on Pottermore, and the emotion is high with this one.
-What new things did we learn about one of our favorite professors?
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-MuggleNet O.W.L. results are in and we announce some of the best scores.
-FINALLY…. Hogwarts Radio joins MuggleNet’s podcast family! WOO HOO!!!


Hogwarts Radio is a Harry Potter podcast that has been around since 2008 and is comitted to releasing bi-weekly episodes. To listen to the show you can either check out Hogwarts Radio‘s site, or their libsyn page. You can also subscribe to Hogwarts Radio on iTunes for free by clicking here, and ensure you get the latest episodes as they are released!

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