“Potter” actress Katie Leung to star in upcoming play “The World of Extreme Happiness”

According to the Daily Mail, Katie Leung considered quitting acting after she played Cho Chang. She was not confident in her acting skills, so after an extended break, she enrolled in formal acting classes. In 2012, Leung starred in the stage drama Wild Swans, her first major role since Harry Potter. She said “being on stage and having the immediate response of the audience” is what really inspired her to pursue a career in acting.

This fall, Leung will return to the stage in a production of The World of Extreme Happiness. She will portray Sunny, “a girl who leaves her family in rural China for the promise of a job in factory and a new life.” Rehearsals start soon and the show’s month-long run will premiere September 25.

Here is a recent tweet from Katie’s Twitter regarding the play:

My next project: http://t.co/Gg4hwJ6J3r Exciting times. Please come!

– Katie Leung (@Kt_Leung) July 20, 2013