A Proud Slytherin

Dear Professor Snape,

I have been sorted into Slytherin, and I am very proud of this fact. I would like to become the very best witch I can. However, people keep saying that all Slytherin’s are evil, and there is no use trying to be different. I can’t believe that’s true! Everyone knows that you were a great Slytherin who did great good, and there must be more. Why is it that only the ignoble and bad Slytherins are remembered, while only the good Gryffindors are?

Proud Slytherin

Dear Proud Slytherin,

All houses contain witches and wizards capable of immense good, and great evil. Slytherin house is a very powerful house and does tend to attract a certain flexibility in ones moral code. Not all Death Eaters were Slytherin. Even Gryffindor had Death Eaters in their midst.

People will always remember evil over good, unjust over just. It is one thing witches and wizards have in common with muggles. Make your own path. Do not let ones opinion of you dictate your direction. Ever.

Professor Snape.