Teacher of Muggles

Dear Dear Esteemed Colleague Severus Snape,

I hope that this will not be too political or controversial, but I am a teacher in the UK just like yourself. Recently we once again went through the OFSTED procedure to check upon our school and to rate it.

I was not a teacher and had never been through this process before when I first learned of the events that happened in Order of the Phoenix, with the Ministry taking over and ruling Hogwarts and that appalling Delores Umbridge thinking she knew something about teaching and making useless decisions that were detrimental left right and centre. I have now been through it twice and now know how close to an actual teacher’s school experience during OFSTED it is.

My question is this, what were your techniques to survive this imposition of inquisition (Other than abusing students with books, which I’m sure during a muggle inspection would have your school put in ‘special measures’, but Umbridge seems to approve, I think), and does Hogwarts still periodically find itself subjected to Ministry interference of this kind?

(Also, can you please swap potions for Chemistry or Food Tech and come and teach at my school? Please?)

Yours faithfully,
Teacher of Muggles

Dear Teacher of Muggles,

Whenever politicians interfere with teaching, nothing is truly learned. Those outside of an institution can not run the institution by remote access. Inspectors with their own agendas tends to meet unfortunate ends. I find that when one seeks merely to crunch numbers one learns nothing about academics. You simply have smaller numbers.

And… No.

Prof. Snape.