Ambitious Young Slytherin

Dear Professor Snape,

I was wondering if you had any advice for an ambitious young Slytherin. I plan on going into the highly competitive field of performing arts, and all of the competition and backstabbing can be insanely irritating after a hard day of work. Does the fact that I already have an intolerance for the divas in my field mean that I have chosen a path that is not quite right for my sensibilities, or should I stay on my path?

All the Best,

Dear Maggie,

To quote Midge Ure on the music industry “they are the tossiest bunch of tossers.” I do not have a high tolerance for divas either. If your path is true to you, then you must rise above your obstacles. Find someone in your ilk to handle… less than favourable people. In the end, you can not allow selfish people to hold you back. I expect better than that from a Slytherin.

Professor Snape.