Freedom For All

Dear Ronald,

Are you really the treasurer of S.P.E.W.? What caused you to decide to join the organization? What can I do to help the poor house elves?


Freedom For All

Dear Freedom For All,

My wife is beautiful, but she could be bloody insane in our school years. SHE appointed me to that position before even telling what “Society for the Protection of Ugly Goblins” even was. Sorry to tell you that I only joined because of her badgering. Also S.P.E.W. was practically disbanded after we skipped seventh year to run around as fugitives, so sorry you can’t join for the low cost of 2 sickles. But if you are concerned about the house elves, don’t worry. Hermione is the Head of the Department for the blah blah blah of Magical Creatures. Basically she writes the rights.

Hope I helped,