The Grandparents

Dear Harry Potter,

Whatever happened to both sets of your grandparents that Dumbledore couldn’t send you to one of their homes when you were a baby? In your biographies by J.K. Rowling, she failed to mention the fates of Lily and James’ parents. I hope I did not bring up an unpleasant subject, but as a concerned Potter supporter, I feel it is my right to know.



From the Desk of Harry Potter, Head Auror
Auror Office
Ministry of Magic

Dear Josephine,

Not an unpleasant topic, no, but it does recall a particularly personal story that I would rather not share in detail (at least, no more so than Ms. Rowling has already seen fit to do). I will say that I had a chance encounter with a very astounding and dangerous magical object (an object which I have never run into again since my first year at Hogwarts) which confirmed for me that my entire family (my muggle guardians excluded) was deceased.

The few details of my grandparents that I am currently aware of were delivered to me in fragmented pieces throughout the years. My paternal parents were both magical, quite well-off and were victims of some form of wizard illness (I’ve heard tell that Dragon Pox is very dangerous to the elderly, and they were apparently quite aged when they passed). My maternal grandparents were non-magical, but very tolerant of magic, and passed away of natural causes. My muggle aunt was kind enough to (very reluctantly) tell me that they resided in Cokeworth, before showing her regret of accepting my invitation to tea. Although she would be the best source I have for information on this matter, I have chosen to respect her wishes and remain mum on the topic on the rare occasions that I’ve seen her since I last questioned her.

I have made inquiries to the Ministry of Magic’s Archives office, as well as the Ministry’s Office of Law, where my good friend, Hermione Granger, continues to search for evidence my family history. I suspect that much of it was somehow disposed of or, at the least, extremely well-hidden when my parents were forced into hiding, for fear that, if accessible, any information on my extended family would put them all at risk.

I should also mention that, like yourself, Ms. Rowling eagerly awaits these details once they are discovered. I have little doubt she will make haste to publish them if and when Hermione locates anything.

Still searching,