Grieving Gryffindor

Dear Professor Snape,

When I was only a first year I regretfully had my first love on a boy a couple years older than me. I am now heading into my seventh year and I still like this boy. Unfortunately I have recently learned that there is no way he could ever love me considering his sexuality. I know you can sympathize with me considering your past love didn’t work out. (sorry) How can I get over him?

Grieving Gryffindor

Dear Grieving Gryffindor,

The term “getting over’ is how most people perceive ones acceptance of a situation. No one can tell you how to do that.

Love is chemistry. Your feelings for him can’t ferment into the full potency of love as both ingredients aren’t there. This being said it does not diminish how you feel. If you are truly friends with him now, do not lose that. It is a sad life to be removed from someone you love. Embrace the fact that he can be in your life. Do not dwell on “what if’s” they are the poison of the soul.

Professor Snape.