Slytherin of Troy

Dear Professor Snape,

This is supposed to be a question for the professor of the Defense against the Dark Arts class. However, I am sort of doubtful of their teaching skills, and after hearing so many praises from my peers whilst you were taking over prof. Lupin’s classes,I find myself inclined to seek out your guidance on the matter.

The current research I am working on is dealing with the creature called the Lamia. The Lamia takes the form of a voluptuous woman who also has serpentine features,such as her lower half of the body, having the sense of smell with her tongue ,etc. Now, am I free to assume that the Lamia can be subdued if one knew Parseltongue? And I’d also ask of your personal input with dealing with the creature, should it attack you. How would you deal with it?

Slytherin of Troy

Dear Slytherin of Troy,

It is a foolish thing to thing that one can subdue a female simply because you speak her language. Dialect, and species aside no man truly can comprehend the language of a woman. Parseltongue will help you, but misspeak it and it could mean your end. It is also incredibly unwise to attack a female. Period.

I would chose your words carefully. If you must confront her, do so directly and with respect. Women are always suspicious. And rightfully so.

Professor Snape.