Hazelnuts at Hogwarts

August 8, 2013

Professor Longbottom,

It must be a wonderful experience to teach at Hogwarts. So far, who has been your favorite student and why?


Dear HazelNUTS,

I love teaching at Hogwarts. I would have never thought that I’d end up back there, but now that I am it’s the best job in the world!

You might think that this is a lame answer, but I definitely do not have any favorites in my classes. While I was at Hogwarts, I was not a very good student, and when a professor showed favoritism to other students – whether they were nice or mean about it – I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough for them. I don’t want to put any of my students in a similar position, so you won’t find any favoritism in the greenhouses!

However, outside of the classroom, my favorite students are the ones that I see helping others with schoolwork or in making friends, especially the older students who take time to help the younger ones. I owe so much of my education to the never-ending help of Hermione Granger, and I can’t help but support other students who do the same. I have heard it said that I am one of the easiest professors to get House Points out of, and to that I say positive reinforcement goes a long way!

Professor Neville