First look at “The F Word” starring Daniel Radcliffe

The Daily Mail has just published a first look at the new Daniel Radcliffe film The F Word. The movie documents the story of Dan’s character Wallace and his relationship with Chantry (played by Zoe Kazan). Wallace falls for Chantry, only to discover that she has a boyfriend. The film follows their friendship as Wallace tries to distance himself from his feelings for her.

The film is a romantic-comedy, and in the article Dan talks about the difference between this film and his previous movie roles.

“It’s really exciting and a huge amount of fun to do a rom-com. There’s not really scenes in this where my character is wrought, or devastated, or going through mourning, or anything like that. Although it’s not all straight forward and there are ups and downs in it, it’s generally a much happier film than anything else I have done.”

But don’t expect Dan to switch over completely to romantic comedies. He says: “I’m not sure I’m ever going to play Mr. Darcy or a role like that but if you’re looking for someone to be slightly gawky and self-deprecating, then I can narrow down that niche.”

The F Word is set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival before hitting theaters in 2014. Check out our earlier article about the film, including a video interview with Dan right here.

Are you happy to see Dan branching out into other types of projects? Will you be checking out The F Word once it hits theaters? Tell us in the comments!