Hogwarts A History

Dear Miss Granger,

I was wondering what else is in “Hogwarts: A History”?

Thank you.

Dear PotterPants,

What a wonderful question! However, the best I can give to you is to suggest you read the book yourself. You’ll find it in the Hogwarts library, in the biographies section. Or, ask Madam Pince to assist you.

As to what you’ll find in the pages of that wonderful book (though I must admit, it does gloss over or completely ignore certain aspects of the school), I can tell you that the protections placed around the school, including the fact that you cannot Apparate in or out of the boundaries, are mentioned, as well as how Hogwarts was founded, short biographical sketches on all four founders, the name of every headmaster and headmistress to date and their notable achievements, famous students, and a full layout of the architecture of the castle and grounds are included. I highly encourage every Hogwarts student to read this book!

Hermione Granger