Seventh Year at Hogwarts

Dear Hermione Granger,

I read somewhere that after Voldemort was defeated you went and finished your seventh year at Hogwarts. Is this true? If so, why did you feel it was necessary? I’m sure you were beyond anymore formal schooling given the year you had!


One of your greatest admirers.

Dear Admirer,

I did indeed go back to Hogwarts for my seventh year. I felt it was important to finish my education to the fullest before entering the workforce. I was offered a job with Magical Law Enforcement right after the war, as were Harry and Ron, but I declined for the time. Yes, I had had a lot of practical experience by the time I went back to school, but theory is important as well, and the best place I was going to educated on magical theory was going to be Hogwarts!

Hermione Granger