Professor Lupin tells of his Wolf Patronus Charm in this week’s “Dear Hogwarts…” letter

If you ever wanted to ask one of the Hogwarts Professors or special guests a unique and personal question about magic, school, love, dating, or even ask for advice, then here is your chance!

The new MuggleNet “Dear Hogwarts… section allows you to reach out to some of your favorite characters with an inquiring question that will be delivered by eOwl to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The professors, or other special guests, will answer select letters and post them on the MuggleNet website.

In this week’s special response, Professor Remus Lupin answers a letter from an Inquisitive Inquistor and shares his thoughts behind not displaying his corporeal Patronus to others and how his father, Lyall, taught him to conjure his Patronus as a youngster. Read the full response right here!

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