The Dueler

August 4, 2013

Dear Professor Flitwick,

Is it true you dueled before becoming a professor at Hogwarts? If so, did you duel anyone interesting?

Dear Writer,

First of all, if you were in my class, you would lose a point from your house for neglecting to place your name on your paper! It is best if one identifies himself when writing a letter, so that the recipient knows to whom to address any response. In answer to your question, I did indeed duel competitively prior to my tenure at Hogwarts. I faced many opponents over the years, but none of them were particularly memorable. For the most part, duelists were simply out to win, not to share interesting life stories. Indeed, many of my opponents were not particularly accomplished in their casting to begin with, having gotten sloppy over the years. A few posed a significant challenge, but most of the more powerful and fascinating wizards I was acquainted with at that time were involved in far greater pursuits than dueling for sport.

Kind regards,
Professor Flitwick