Unique Individual

Dear Miss Luna,

On reading the quibbler I found out a lot about Nargles. On further research, I discovered that only those who believe can see them, but they are easy to see if you look through Spectrespecs you can see them clearly. It was one Christmas when I had received a pair of Spectrespecs with the Quibbler in my stocking (best present ever!!) and I was looking around the house for Nargles. My brother was playing with some of his toys when I looked at him. Upon this, I discovered that his head is full of Nargles! We went to St. Mungo’s to see if they could do anything but they tuned me and my brother away saying there is no such thing as Nargles. However, I know that Nargles do exist and I want my brother to rid himself of them. I know they are pretty harmless but he goes all funny sometimes. Do you know of any way of getting rid of Nargles? As you are very smart I thought I’d ask you.

Many thanks,
Unique Individual.

PS: Can I just say that I think you are very pretty and truly inspirational.

Dear Unique Individual,

I am flattered to hear that the Quibbler was your favorite present! I’m sure my daddy would be as well. I can tell him for you if you’d like. I also really enjoyed your story about your brother. It is true that Spectrepecs help you see the pests better. Nargles can be very annoying at times. I would stay away from St. Mungos when dealing with them. None of their staff is trained up on the creatures. They won’t be of any help. What I do to keep the Nargles away is wear a butterbeer cork on a necklace and radish earrings. My daddy gave them to me. I think he said they had magical properties to keep the Nargles away. You can probably find them at a mythology shop. Or you could even make them yourself and use spells to enhance their ability to protect form Nargles.

I hope that helps!

Good luck!