Fifth Year at Hogwarts

Dear Hermione Granger,

I am currently a fifth year in Hogwarts, and I am absolutely dying of all the work. How did you manage to study all the subjects, because you got 12 owls, right? I am enrolled in 11 subjects as well, and I simply can’t catch up. And, my friends are saying I’m not paying attention. What should I do?


Dear Jenny,

Fifth year can be difficult; I remember the stress very well. As there are no longer Time Turners available, I would say that you are going to have some very long nights. But never fear! Do your very best in all of your subjects. You have to give up some things for your studying; I didn’t realize until much later just how much time I missed out on with my friends my fifth year. Pay attention to the things that are most important, and try to take time to do things that are enjoyable. Best of luck!

Hermione Granger