Hermione Weasley

Dear Hermione Granger,

I was wondering why didn’t you take your husband’s last name? Is there something wrong with being Hermione Weasley? Also what ever became of your sister in law Ginny (other than being Harry’s wife) does she have a job too?

Thanks for your time!
Gryffindor student

Dear Gryffindor student,

Contrary to popular belief, I actually did take Ron’s last name. However, because of the fame that came to us when we were only seventeen, and Ms. Rowling’s seven books, which of course refer to me as Hermione Granger, I am known to the wider Wizarding (and Muggle) world as such, or with the hyphenated version of Granger-Weasley. I find absolutely nothing wrong with being Hermione Weasley – in fact, I love being a member of that family! I see no problem with being addressed by either version.

As to Ginny, she had a successful career as a member of the Holyhead Harpies, even becoming their star Chaser. However, she left the game to raise the three Potter children, and now works as the Quidditch columnist for the Daily Prophet. She and Harry and their family are very happy, though they very much like their privacy.

Hermione Granger