Dan Radcliffe to NPR: “This is what I want to do”

Since finishing the last film in the series, Dan Radcliffe has certainly branched out from Potter. In a new interview with NPR, Dan spoke about his time as Harry, as well as his new roles (including in Kill Your Darlings) and why he loves the film industry.

On his parents’ hesitance at letting him play Harry Potter:

Both my mom and my dad had not had very great experiences as actors, and when I was initially asked to audition for Harry, they both said no. And I didn’t have any knowledge of this at this point – obviously they kept me pretty out of it, rightly so. But they said no because at that time the deal was that we’d have to sign on for seven films, and they’d all be made in America, and they just said, “No, that will be too big of a shift to his life. That’s not going to happen.

And so months later, when the deal had changed, and … we only had to sign on for two, and they’d both be filmed in the U.K. – I think [with that], coupled with the fact that I was really not having a great time at school, they thought, ‘Maybe we should let him audition.’ And then everything went from there.”


On his sense of belonging in the film business:

The British school system … if you’re not good at certain things, basically it makes you feel very, very mediocre and very average. To suddenly be taken out of that and put into a world where A) I felt like I belonged and B) my insane energy levels that I had, particularly as a kid … were actually viewed as useful and people enjoyed that about me … it gave me a purpose and sense of belonging and confidence that I doubt I ever would’ve had, had I not gotten into it when I did. So I want to do it for the rest of my life.”

Though he will always be our Harry, we certainly wish Dan the best in his future endeavors!

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Alison Siggard

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