She Is Love

to the tune of “She Is My Love” by Oasis

Oh when the sunshine beckoned for her
And her fire-red hair began to unfold
The thoughts she brings and the songs the heart sings
Is gonna keep me from the moldy one
If the wand is among ya
And its phoenix may warm my soul
She fills me up with energy
Like some kind of quidditch game

She is love
Tom she did defeat
She is love
And her sparks are for me
She is the magic that runs through me
She is love
And forever is she for me, and only me

She’s the fuel to the fire
That runs through our veins
Whatever stirs my toughened heart?
Will it pass the Weasley sight?

I know where she came from
Heaven to earth
I know that I’m in love
With the girl who loves me too.

Submitted by: Aria G.