Harry Hates Voldemort

to the tune of “She’s in Love with The Boy” by Trisha Yearwood

Harry sittin’ on the Dursleys front porch,
With a note upon his chest
None of the Dursleys know that Harry’s sittin’ out there,
They just stay in and get their rest
Later on, risin’ with the sun, Petunia opens up the door,
She screams to see a little baby boy, just layin there upon the floor.

Voldemort left that night, is he gone for good?
No one even knew where he went
Harry’s the only one to survive his curse,
With just a scar upon his head
Voldy’s still out there, plottin’ his revenge,
He wants to kill Harry one day,
But Harry knows and thinks just the opposite,
Voldy will die of Harry’s rage

‘Cause Harry Hates Voldemort
Harry Hates Voldemort
Harry Hates Voldemort
And even if we never know the way,
He’s gonna kill that evil lord one day

Submitted by: Kaitie