The D.A. Song

to the tune of “The Wall, Part II” by Pink Floyd

You can shove your education
up your huge Death Eater nose.
It doesn’t matter if you curse us.
How great the threat is that you pose.
Death! Eater! You’re the bigger fool!

We’re the unofficial
Aoldiers here in this school!

Dumbledore’s Army is
Here to break every rule!

We won’t bow down to your Master,
We won’t bend and scrape to you.
You might as well sod off and die now,
Before you learn what we can do.
Death! Eater! We are the DA!

And for every kid you’ve
Cursed we will make you pay!

Dumbledore’s Army is
Here and here it will stay!

Spout your Pure-blood propaganda,
Use your Cruciatus Curse.
We’re strong enough to stand and take it,
We’ve all endured a whole lot worse.
Death! Eater! You will never win!

Shout and curse us but we’ll
Never swallow your spin!

Dumbledore’s Army will
Never ever give in!

If you don’t like our blood status
If you hunt us through these halls.
You’ll only strengthen our defiance,
We’ll daub our scorn upon these walls.
Death! Eater! This is our decree!

We will fight for our friends
We will fight to stay free!

Dumbledore’s Army is
Still recruiting, you see!

Submitted by: Kara’s Aunty