To the tune of “Yeah” by Usher

Peace up
Quidditch crowd

Yeah, Ok! Azkaban!
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

Up in the air with my homies
Tryna catch a little Snitch
With my eyes wide open
‘Cause you know how it is
I saw shorty
She was checkin’ up on me
From her broom, she was smiling like an angel
You would think that she knew me
So I decided to chill
Then a Bludger really heavy
Pass me by and she was ready to jump
(Watch Out!, Watch Out!)
She’s saying be careful, be careful,
So I went up and made a nice Quidditch move
She said baby you know
How to play this

Yeah (yeah)
Dementors are trying to kiss me
Yeah (yeah)
I got so caught up forgot they were here
Yeah (yeah)
She and I could be more than just players
Yeah (yeah)
Next thing I knew the whole crowd was screaming:
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

So she’s all up in my head now
Got me thinking that it might be a good idea
To let the Snitch go
Cause she deserves to win
(She wants to win)
But I gotta keep it real now
‘Cause Wood is mad
And wants me to knock her off broom
But that’s just ain’t me. Hey!
Because I don’t know if I take that chance
Just where it’s gonna lead,
But what I do know is
That it’s getting cold and there’s only one thing to think:
Dementors are here, no!
Don’t want to go, I really think she’s for me
She’s been on Quidditch team for about a year
How is it that I’ve never seen her here?
Then I said



Watch out!
Snape outfit’s Riddikulus!
‘Cause the Boggart, it’s really a vicious
And Ron!
That rat should have died long ago
If you are clever
You’d realize what happened to its toe
Forget about the game
Get your wand out
The Dementors will kiss you
And you won’t even shout.
So make a Patronus
And it’ll be off with they both:
The Dementors and the laughter of the Dark Lord
You want to win but you should know
If Dementors reach you
You will lose your soul.
How are you feeling now?
When the Grimm is on the grades
And your heart in the ground
Let’s play against the weather
‘Cause Cho is looking and you want to do better
If you fall off your broom you will end up dead
But Dumbledore’s watching the game
And he will save your neck


Take that and rewind it back
Sirius got the wand to make Harry go (clap)
Take that and rewind it back
Lupin got the spell to make Dementors go (clap)
Take that and rewind it back
Granger got the watch to make the time go (clap)
Take that and rewind it back
Cho Chang got the smile to make Harry go (clap)

Submitted by: Hector


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