Music Never Lies

Dear Professor Snape,

With all my respect, I think that Professor Dumbledore used and abused you (and maybe Harry) and was very selfish when he asked you to kill him. I know you promised him loyalty, but how do you feel about it? Or do you think I’m wrong with that point of view?

Also sometimes I think (knowing that you did so good cheating and fooling everyone) that you just “missed the shot” and then Dumbledore jumped from the tower but didn’t die and he is alive and well and it was all planned… But he has been buried, right?

And one last question if you don’t mind: do you like music?
The Metal Girl from the North.

Dear Metal Girl from the North,

Many of the decisions that were made were most difficult. When we realized that the most I could do was delay his inevitable death, he strongly urged me to end his life in the moment that would save Draco. I, regrettably, did what must be done. I uttered the unforgivable curse and lost another part of my soul.

To think of it differently is to re-write history.

Yes, I often listen to music. Music never lies.

Professor Snape