Release date and new photos from NESCom’s “The Tale of the Three Brothers”

Previously, we shared with you the official trailer for The Tale of the Three Brothers, a special film based off of J.K. Rowling’s story and produced by the New England School of Communications. Today, we have some incredible set pictures as well as a release date for the film’s premiere!

According to the press release, the film, which is made with permission from Warner Brothers, will be have its premiere screening on May 4, 2014, at Husson University’s Gracie Theatre, located in Bangor, Maine. The film was shot in Maine, and it seems that the producers have chosen a perfect spot to tell this eerie story! The cast list seems to indicate that the film will go beyond just the simple story of the Three Brothers and incorporate other characters.

We also received some beautiful promotional posters for the film. Of note is the creative way the film makers have incorporated the Deathly Hallows symbol; they have split up the line, circle, and triangle representing the wand, stone, and cloak, respectively, among silhouettes of the three brothers. With these posters, we have some pictures from the set, including a look at Death, played by Emma Campbell, and Antioch (Brandon Wardwell), Cadmus (Sean Plourde), and Ignotus (Gabriel Clarke). You can see these photos below!

We are eagerly anticipating this film, which should be a beautiful completed project. Will you be seeing The Tale of the Three Brothers? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: We have learned that the screening on May 4 will be a preview, not a premiere.

Alison Siggard

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