Rupert Grint rumored to star in new movie

According to a new article as well as IMDb, there is speculation about a new film, which also includes the rumor that Rupert Grint – who portrayed Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter films –  will have a starring role. The film, which will be named either Moonwalk or Moonwalkers, will be a comedy based around the idea that the 1969 United States moon landing was faked. The character Rupert is rumored to be attached to is Johnny, a band manager who must film the fake moon landing with a CIA agent.

The screenplay was written by Dean Craig, and the filming will be directed by Antoine Bardou- Jacquet. Filming is scheduled to begin in mid May in Belgium.

Are you excited to see Rupert in this comedic role if it is in fact a reality? We are, and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear any more news about the film.