Warwick Davis visits Plymouth Festival for new TV series

The Plymouth Herald has reported that Warwick Davis – who portrayed both Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook the goblin in the Harry Potter films – recently paid a visit to a festival near the English city of Plymouth.  The actor visited the site of the 3 Wishes Faery Festival with his wife and two children for his new TV series Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis.  This series begins April 11, 2014, on ITV.

This adventure is the first of many for the family and their show.  During their stay, they meet some locals dressed up as woodland creatures such as elves, fairies, and pixies.  The festival takes place from June 20 to 22 at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park.  This year, there will be a world record attempt for the largest gathering of faeries in one place, which is free to participate in.

Warwick’s visit was apparently an exciting moment for the festival’s founder, Karen Kay.  She said,

Warwick Davis starred in many films, including Willow, which has always been one of my favourite films, so it really was a dream come true.

Seeing Warwick walk across the bridge in the Cornish woodland reminded me of a scene from the film, and I felt overjoyed.

He is part of my inspiration to start my faery festival and faery events in the southwest.

Warwick also enjoyed his stay, stating,

Cornwall isn’t all about cream teas and scrumpy; it’s a county brimming with magic, mystery and plenty of strange surprises if you scratch beneath the surface.

Will you catch Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis when it airs?  Discuss your thoughts in the comments!