Artwork released for “Postman Pat: The Movie”

Postman Pat: The Movie is a new film starring Potter-alumni Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, and David Tennant – who portrayed Professor Slughorn, Ron Weasley, and Barty Crouch, Jr., respectively – and is due to be released on May 23. Recently, however, released some exclusive images for the film.

The art depicts the lead character, Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan), being pursued by an army of robots called Patbot 3000s, who, in the film, are supposed to replace all delivery men in the country.  The movie follows Postman Pat as he discovers a world of fame and fortune through a television talent show run by Simon Cowbell.  Postman Pat was originally the star of a long-running children’s TV series on BBC.

The movie was initially due to be released on May 24 of last year, but it was pushed back to next month.  We know that Grint will be voicing a character named Josh, but it is unknown which roles Broadbent and Tennant will portray.

Take a look at the new images in the gallery below, and watch the official trailer for the movie.

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