Mike Newell gives advice to aspiring directors in new interview

In a new interview from Polskie Radio, Goblet of Fire director Mike Newell gives directing advice and talks about the Off Plus Camera Festival.

Newell spoke about how he was able connect emotionally to the plots of movies even though he never had similar experiences in his own life.

“I felt in Bonnie Brasco, I very passionately knew what the movie was and what it was about.” He continued:

All fiction is moral… you think things are simple but then there’s terrible and unexpected fallout to everything and I think that’s where I work.

Newell also said that aspiring directors should focus on finding a subject that they are passionate about.

The Off Plus Camera Festival is a yearly festival happening now in Krakow, Poland. Newell is a member of the festival’s jury this year.  He spoke of the passion that he saw in the films, as well as the way they transported him all around the globe.

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