Diagon Alley concept art, including Borgin and Burkes, Knockturn Alley, and the Gringotts dragon

Along with the recent news about the Wizarding World expansion opening in mid-June, we now get a look at some of the exciting new features of Diagon Alley. Some concept art has been revealed, giving us a new look at Knockturn Alley, Borgin and Burkes, the dragon atop Gringotts, and what looks like streets in Hogsmeade and London.

UPDATE: We have confirmed with members of the Universal Creative Team that these photos are in fact over a year old and no longer accurately represent the final concept for the Diagon Alley expansion. They are beautiful, nonetheless!

A special thanks to photographer Emanuel Paige, who recently sat in on a Q&A with the creative team behind the Diagon Alley expansion for the photos. Check them out below:

The scope of these images gives you an idea of just how grand the Diagon Alley/London expansion is going to be. The interior of Borgin and Burkes also shows a bit of the new merchandise that may be offered. Death Eater masks, anyone? In addition, All Around Orlando has posted a video of the London façade at the entrance to Diagon Alley. In it, you can see the Knight Bus as well as the running fountains! Check out the video below: