“The Quibbler”: The five crucial problems of the “Harry Potter” films

It’s been nearly three years since we saw the final Harry Potter movies. We’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the series, both as standalone films and as adaptations. Spenser Milo of Based on Nothing has an opinion that may seem radical to many die-hard fans: The Potter movies just aren’t very good.

As Spenser says, “Now hold on; hear me out, here!”

In his article, “The Five Crucial Problems of Harry Potter,” which you can read right here on MuggleNet, he tackles his major issues with the films, namely, the fact that they aren’t strong enough to stand by themselves:

If the movies were indeed any good as a whole, wouldn’t they be able to stand on their own? The fact that most of the films require a friend sitting next to you who has read all the books to fill you in on just who the hell some of these characters are and why certain characters are acting the way they are doesn’t equate to a good film. Instead, it makes most of the Harry Potter movies [part of a] fairly useless and incoherent collection of “Harry Potter’s Greatest Hits,” featuring disparate scenes from their accompanying book.

What are your opinions on the Potter films? Are they masterpieces or messes? Successful companions or failed adaptations? Take a look at what Spenser has to say on the subject, and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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