Fan Focus: Khairunnisa – June 1, 2014


Age 25 – Kajang, Malaysia

How did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I was 13, and I watched the first movie. When I was younger, I was always fascinated by any magical stories, and Harry Potter sucked me right in and I never got out! I then borrowed the books from my friend (because my mum won’t buy them for me) and continued being enchanted by it continuously. I now am a loving owner to the collector’s edition books box set and I still read them all the time!

What is one theory you had about the books before they finished that you wish had come true?

I somehow knew when the books started telling about Horcruxes that Harry must be one of them. Because Voldemort did zap him and kinda lose himself in the process, and it kinda make sense, and it is so cool that my theory is true! Thank you so much J.K. Rowling!

What would your patronus be and why?

An eagle. They are elegant, wise creatures and always have a sharp eye. And they always make sure that they’ll be on the top. That’ll be me.

Describe what being part of the Harry Potter fandom has meant to you in 7 words or less.

Loyalty, Friendship, Courage. Weasley is Our King.