June “Quibbler” contest: “Harry Potter” – the solution to the world’s problems?

Sharpen your quills, and get out a fresh roll of parchment – it’s time for another Quibbler contest!

This month’s topic is Harry in the Real World. Take an aspect of the Harry Potter series that you feel has a parallel to a real-world issue. It could be Pure-blood mania’s connection to racism, werewolfism’s similarity to the AIDS crisis, or something else entirely. Explore this connection. How does J.K. Rowling create problems that are new and interesting while at the same time very familiar to us Muggles? Can we learn anything from the way Harry Potter deals with these problems?

The deadline for submissions is Monday, June 23. Send us your best work at mugglenetessays@gmail.com, and we’ll pick a winner whose editorial will be featured in the Quibbler on MuggleNet! You can check out last month’s winner right here.

A few guidelines:

  • Make sure you explore the topic in a thorough, engaging way. Quotes and specific examples are always good. For an idea of the kind of essays we look for, read through some of our other editorials.
  • Don’t feel constrained by our questions! Use the prompt as a jumping-off point to your deepest Harry Potter-related thoughts.
  • Take a look at the editorials FAQ on the Quibbler main page before you hit “send.”

Happy writing! Questions? Let us know in the comments!