First four rounds of quarter-finals come to a close at 2014 Quidditch World Cup

As we mentioned previously, the quarter-finals have begun for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup!  It was an exciting weekend for Quidditch fans as the first four rounds of the quarter-finals went underway. The four teams (United States, Brazil, Japan, and Bulgaria) each played a fierce game. The Daily Prophet‘s correspondent, Ginny Potter, gave us the highlights.

On Friday, June 6, Bulgaria faced off against Norway in the second round of the quarter-finals. Bulgaria’s Seeker, Viktor Krum, was able to seize a quick victory after only 42 minutes.

The end came almost without warning. Viktor Krum’s sudden descent looked like simple Bludger-avoidance, and Norwegian Seeker Sigrid Kristoffersen not only neglected to mark him but was [also] actually looking the other way when Krum raised his hand to show he had secured a Bulgarian victory in the 42nd minute.

The Bulgarian victory came as a shock to fans of the Norwegian team, and some were even blaming the Selma, a Norwegian lake monster, for the loss.

On Sunday, June 8, the United States faced off against Liechtenstein. The US, which is not known to be among the better teams in international Quidditch, was able to seize a surprise victory over Liechtenstein in the 148th minute.

The celebrations that followed were some of the rowdiest seen thus far:

Red, white, and blue sparks are currently so thick in the air that [it] is both difficult to breathe or see.

The festivities escalated even further as the night progressed, resulting in the kidnapping of the Liechtenstein mascot, Hans. The Liechtenstein coach was quoted saying,

We don’t find that funny.

It was later reported that Hans was returned safely to Liechtenstein after some intense negotiations between President Samuel G. Quahog of the United States and Minister Otto Obermeier of Liechtenstein.

On Tuesday, June 1o, fans were wowed by yet another surprising victory by Japan, which was up against Nigeria.

This match ought to be remembered as the Battle of the Beaters because these two outstanding Quidditch nations put on a veritable master class of Bludger work.

Ultimately, Japan seized a victory after their Seeker, Noriko Sato, was able to catch the Snitch from under the nose of the Nigerian team, which was distracted trying to save their teammate, Equiano, from spinning out of control after being struck by a Bludger.

It was an incredibly exciting weekend of Quidditch as several underdog teams rose to the top and seized some exciting victories.

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