Harry and Ron, Fred and George make a new list of the top 10 bromances in literature

Sugarscape has released a list of their favorite bromances in literature, and two Potter duos made the top 10!

Coming in the very top spot is “the boy who lived” and his red-haired best friend: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.


Sugarscape explains their position in the number one spot, saying,

It might not always be plain sailing for Harry and Ron, but despite the odd tiff, these two know that when the time comes, they will always be there for each other – whether that’s for an eyeroll behind Hermione’s back when she’s having a go at [their] copying her Astrology homework or a battle with Voldemort for the future of society.

The bromance of Fred and George Weasley finished in ninth place, but there is no shame in finishing behind such epic bromances as Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings and Sherlock and Watson from the Sherlock Holmes series.


Sugarscape explains their inclusion in the list and how much it hurt to see their bromance destroyed, saying,

We know they are twins and all, but Fred and George are two [halves of] one of the best literary friendships of all time. Never without each other, they know exactly what the other is thinking and can always make everyone laugh. That said, you only have to see Fred’s reaction to George having a run-in with the Death Eaters to see just how much he relied on his brother and vice versa at the battle of Hogwarts. JK, we will NEVER forgive you!

What do you think of their positions? What other Potter bromances do you think could have been included? Dean and Seamus? Sirius and Lupin? Lockhart and himself? Tell us your favorite Potter bromance in the comments!