Famous People Also Love “Potter”

Famous people can be intimidating. Their names and work are recognized everywhere you go. They are loved and hated by so many, it’s easy to forget that they aren’t aliens, just relatively “normal” people with abnormal jobs. And like anyone else, they fangirl about the same things we do. Harry Potter is a series widely known throughout the world (really, who hasn’t heard about Potter?!), so it isn’t a surprise to find some fans within that group of people many of us admire. Here’s a list of some famous Harry Potter fans:


1. John Green


John Green wearing a plaid shirt, brown jacket and blue jeans.


“Maybe Harry Potter’s real, and you’re not.” – John Green

Author of The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, he also runs a famous YouTube channel, vlogbrothers, with his brother Hank. John Green is known by his fans, the “nerdfighters,” as a HUGE Potter fan and a proud Hufflepuff. Actually, his brother Hank is what’s called a “wizard rocker,” so they both frequent Harry Potter conferences.


2. Stephen King


Stephen King


“Her [Rowling’s] characters are lively and well-drawn, her pace is impeccable, and although there are occasional continuity drops, the story as a whole hangs together almost perfectly over its 4,000-plus page length.” – Stephen King

This American author is famous by such horror novels as The Shinning and Carrie, and he seems to have a lot to say about Rowling’s series, most things, quite positive. Stephen King has written a couple of articles regarding Potter on Entertainment Weekly, where he often praises Rowling’s style and doesn’t hide his love for the Golden Trio and their story.


3. Rick Riordan


Rick Riordan wearing a green blazer and blue shirt


“Any comparison to Rowling is high praise because I’m a huge fan of her work. I totally understand why kids love Harry Potter.” – Rick Riordan

Uncle Rick,” as affectionately known by his fans, is the author of the Percy Jackson series as well as The Kane Chronicles. He was a teacher for a long time and admits to have found inspiration to write his own novels as he watched his students read and reread Harry’s adventures, unable to find other children books as entrancing as Rowling’s.


4. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence


“I’m towering over him [Daniel Radcliffe], saying, ‘I love Harry Potter!’ His security people were nodding to each other—should we go?” – Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy and Mystique from X-Men are just some of her famous roles. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses of the moment, and as it happens, she is a huge Potter fan. When asked about the thing she was passionate about in an interview she answered, “Harry Potter. I read those books when I was eleven. When I did not get my letter from Hogwarts, I was devastated.” Despite her fame, she seems to be just another one of us.


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