Natalia Tena talks “Game of Thrones”, long distance relationships, and “10,000 KM”

Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks) recently spoke with Vulture about the troubles with long distance relationships in her new film, 10,000 KM, as well as how she herself handles distance in relationships. She also discussed the possible future of her Game of Thrones character, Osha.

In 10,000 KM (see the trailer here), Tena plays a woman who moves to Los Angeles and attempts to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain. The Skype-based romance proves difficult.

I think it’s sadder being the person left behind than the person going. Long distance, it’s the all-time question, isn’t it? Can love work long-distance? Especially when we’ve got all these means to communicate? But it doesn’t substitute smelling or touching someone. And it almost makes it worse because it’s like torture, because they’re not quite there.

Tena says she handles distance in relationships very differently than her character.

For me and my boyfriend, I don’t usually ring him or speak to him while I’m away. For me, the online thing, I’d rather just write him a letter, and then when I see him, tell him everything.

In Game of Thrones, Tena’s character, Osha, was last seen in Season 3 protecting the youngest Stark child. Tena isn’t yet sure what will happen in Osha’s future.

I’m hoping [for] more adventures! Fingers crossed. I don’t know entirely what they’re going to do yet on the show, if they’re going to pick up with us next season. I don’t think they’ve finalized the scripts yet, or who’s doing what, or what they’re picking up from the books, or where they’re going off-book.

But one thing she does know is what kind of alcohol Osha would drink!

I think Osha’s drink would be bark schnapps. It’s basically like tree alcohol, tree moonshine. I just went to Iceland, where they film a lot of the beyond-the-Wall stuff… and they drink a kind of hardcore drink, this schnapps, with bark in it… I think Osha would drink that, definitely… But she doesn’t strike me as a big drinker. I think she’s more about killing [stuff] and eating it with her hands!

Click here for the full interview. WARNING: Interview contains discussions of a sexual nature as well as mild book spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire.

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