Five Favorite Characters from the “Forgotten Houses”

As a Ravenclaw, I know how tough it can be to be a fan in one of the series neglected Hogwarts houses: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin – it seems Gryffindor gets all the love! It seems there aren’t any characters that remind us of how cool our house is, or what a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff really looks like. I’ve compiled two lists: my top five Ravenclaws and my top five Hufflepuffs. This is part one, part two and three will follow this week.

Top Five Ravenclaws:

1. Luna Lovegood: Of course she’s first on the list! Creative, thoughtful and always searching for new creatures, Luna embodies Ravenclaws intelligence, enterprise and imagination perfectly, if not always so conventionally.
2. Cho Chang: Although not the most popular student in Ravenclaw, Cho is a talented witch, as her time in Dumbledore’s Army proves. Cho’s book smarts are matched by her street smarts in the final battle, making her a brilliant representative of Ravenclaw house.
3. Professor Flitwick: Flitwick is easily one of my favorite professors. While some professors seem rather strict, even towards eleven year olds, Flitwick encourages his students to try their best, and keeps lessons fun.
4. Rowena Ravenclaw: The original herself! Rowena, the house founder, of course embraces each aspect of the house’s morals: wit, learning, and creativity are central to education in Rowena’s teaching philosophy.
5. Garrick Ollivander: Wand-making is one of the more mystical magical occupations, and Ollivander is the best (at least according to British wizards). A craft like wand-making requires both innovation and ingenuity.