One week left to submit to July’s “Quibbler” contest!

Still haven’t submitted to July’s Quibbler contest? What are you waiting for? You only have a week left to send us your best writing for a chance to be featured on MuggleNet!

This month’s topic is Defending Your House. Have you ever felt unfairly judged based on your Hogwarts house? Maybe people assume you’re a little evil because Pottermore sent you to Slytherin or that you’re not so smart because you identify as a Hufflepuff. We want you to fight back! What does your house do that defies stereotypes? What makes it an important part of your identity? Think about canon examples (Which awesome characters come from Ravenclaw?) as well as personal ones (How are YOU changing the way people think about Gryffindors?).

Need a little more inspiration? Check out writer Nolan‘s defense of Ravenclaw over in the Quibbler‘s editorials section right now! See how he argues against the common Ravenclaw stereotypes, then get out a fresh quill and write up a defense of your own house.

To submit, send your essay to by Monday, July 28. Questions? Let us know in the comments!