Pottermore Moments Revisited: Hermione’s Got a Rebel Side

Chapter 9: “The Writing on the Wall”

Chapter thoughts: We pick up where the last chapter left off, with Harry, Ron, and Hermione being present to discover that Mrs Norris has been Petrified. We also learn the legend of the mysterious Chamber of Secrets (thanks to some bold action on Hermione’s part), as well as the beginnings of the pure-blood prejudice of the wizarding world. Hermione takes even more bold action as she suggests a daring plan that could help our trio learn if Malfoy is behind the attacks. Key moments include examining Mrs Norris, Binns’ retelling of the legend, and Hermione’s plan.

Moment 1: The Legend of the Chamber of Secrets

The information on ghosts in this moment is simply golden (or perhaps I should say silver?). I had to smile at the fact that the living are often show “affection” to their ghost friends; where else but Hogwarts would this happen? I also thoroughly enjoyed that backstory on Nick and the Fat Friar, as well as JKR’s notes on other ghosts she had planned. Beyond the new information, there’s a lot to collect in this moment, including Hermione’s quill and Dean’s homework (sorry about that…). It’s also nice to see a classroom environment, especially as the movies always seemed a little light on classes, at least to me.

ch 9 binns


Moment 2: Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom

I’ve always found it enormously clever that to reveal the scene, the mirror must be wiped clean. However, between Myrtle’s crying and the dripping faucet, it’s obvious why Hermione always avoided this bathroom. After a while, I was completely irritated by both.

ch 9 myrtle


Chapter 10: “The Rogue Bludger”

Chapter thoughts: Lockhart is still as incompetent as ever, but at least he signs the note allowing Hermione to check out a very dark potions book. The first Quidditch match of the season is upon Harry, but the Slytherins have got an advantage that only comes with heaps of gold. Wood is just as determined to see his team win, but someone is trying to use a Bludger to take Harry out. The only thing that the Gryffindors will lose, though, is the bones in Harry’s arm. Notable moments include the Polyjuice plan, Harry’s difficulty with the Bludger, Lockhart deboning Harry’s arm, and Dobby’s nighttime visit.

Moment 1: Most Potente Potions

The really exciting thing about this moment is that you collect the book that contains the ingredients of Polyjuice Potion, a very important part of this book. And…that’s pretty much all that happens. I do appreciate that you have to click on the note signed by Lockhart to collect the book, however!

ch 10 library


Moment 2: Harry’s Broken Arm

We get some information on Draco Malfoy in this moment. Though there is not much that is new to us, it does seem that JKR was offering though his wand description some sense that Draco is not as bad as he seems. It also seems to try and put Draco in a more sympathetic light. Once again, however, this Quidditch match proves to be a pretty uneventful moment on the site for a moment in the book that is so full of action. However, that may be why the creative team at Pottermore decided to make this moment this way; there’s so much action in the story, the moment serves as simply an illustration of that action.

ch 10 quidditch


Moment 3: Colin is Petrified

This too is a rather uneventful moment on the site. We see Dumbledore open Colin’s camera (which is now destroyed) and we see Colin Petrified in the hospital wing. Of course, this is a great mystery at this point in the book, but I would think that Dobby’s visit might be considered more notable for this chapter. Perhaps the moment the door opens and Dobby disappears would have been a good way to span both of these important events.

ch 10 colin


The first student has been Petrified and Hermione has a plan…but Harry is about to learn his go-to spell, so there’s plenty to do before the Polyjuice is ready!

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