WOULD YOU RATHER… Have Grown Up with the Dursleys or the Blacks? #MNWYR

Not sure I would choose either. I’d probably choose a box on the street corner but I’ll let you make the decision for yourself.



The Dursleys


  1. They may have technically been used, but all the toys and videogames that Dudley didn’t want (or didn’t break) automatically went to you.
  2. It may have been small, but you did have your own room… sort of.
  3. The uncontrollable magical accidents that occurred did have some entertaining effects, just maybe not for the Dursleys. Dudley sure looked good with a pig’s tail.
  4. That first summer back from Hogwarts was glorious. You may not have been able to use magic away from school, but the Dursleys didn’t know that.
  5. When the Weasleys crash landed at 4 Privet Drive.
  6. Eventually, the Dursleys did change their attitude.


  1. You had to wear all of Dudley’s old hand-me-downs.
  2. You were also a favorite punching bag of his.
  3. Your own room? More like your own cupboard.
  4. Being treated as if you didn’t matter and/or didn’t exist.
  5. Being hated for who you are.


grimmauld place

The Blacks


  1. If you channeled your inner Sirius, it would have been highly entertaining to torture your pure-blood, fanatical mother by being best friends with a guy who eventually married a Muggle-born, and a werewolf.
  2. Having pride at being the only Gryffindor in a family of Slytherins.
  3. Oh the things you could do to Kreacher.


  1. You lived with a mother who hated you and “erased” you from the family.
  2. You also had to live with Kreacher.
  3. The majority of your family was pretty much evil.
  4. The dark and gloomy Grimmauld Place could hardly be thought of as home.

So WOULD YOU RATHER have grown up with the Dursleys or the Blacks? Leave your answers in the comment section below or over on Twitter using #MNWYR.

Thanks to Jeanna Marie for the inspiration for these posts.