Evanna Lynch lands new role, helps launch student theater awards

Following her recent appearance at Dragon Con, Evanna Lynch has returned home to Ireland, where she has landed her first leading role! Details about the film have yet to be revealed but will apparently be coming later this week. The part is also Evanna’s first in an Irish film, which she is very excited about. She says,

It was always my plan to work in Ireland, but it is harder, and the opportunities are fewer.

She also admits she had to fight for the part because the filmmakers weren’t originally interested in her.

I read this script in LA as it came to me through a friend who was also auditioning, but she actually didn’t [audition] in the end. She told me the script was amazing, and as soon as I read it, I couldn’t think of anything else.

So I sent them a tape, and then when you get a part like that, it’s more rewarding when you have had to push for it and prove to people that you can do it. The reward is sweeter. And I don’t have to worry about changing my accent as well – although I have been told I’ve picked up a bit of an LA twang.

Evanna was also in Dublin on Tuesday to help launch the Bord Gais Energy Student Theatre Awards, a competition that recognizes dramatic talent among young students in Ireland. The awards feature 11 categories, including Best Performance in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Musical, and Best Costumes.

Selected schools will be invited to the ceremony and get to perform on stage, and Evanna herself will be an assistant judge in the competition! She is excited about encouraging young people to pursue drama.

When I was young I had a real passion for it, but I didn’t necessarily believe it was something I could do as a career… So I love any opportunity to tell kids that the thing you love doing and are good at is important.

Click here for details on how to enter the competition.

Would you like to show off your dramatic skills in front of Evanna? Are you excited to find out more about her new role? Let us know in the comments!

Catherine Lai

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