One week left to submit to the September “Quibbler” contest!

There’s still time to submit to September’s Quibbler contest. But hurry up; you only have a week left to send us your essay!

This month, our topic is Literary Potter. One of the many awesome things about Harry Potter is that it got so many of us excited about reading. For September’s contest, we’re asking you to show off your literary chops. Pick any work of literature and compare it to Harry Potter. You can address this from any standpoint you like: Maybe consider how their characters are similar (Macbeth and Lord Voldemort, anyone?), or how they each deal with a certain issue (like the meaning of humanity). You don’t need to conclude that one work is “better,” just think about how Harry Potter fits into the great wide world of literature.

Need more inspiration? Check out the articles linked above, or give this editorial a read. In Miryam Raizen’s essay, “Barricades and Wands: Comparing Les Amis de la ABC and Dumbledore’s Army,” Les Misérables goes head-to-head with Harry Potter. Curious about the differences between two famous groups of revolutionaries? Check out Miryam’s editorial, and then send us an essay that compares Harry Potter with another work of literature.

The deadline for this month is Monday, September 29. Send us your best writing at, and your essay could be featured in the Quibbler!