New documentary announced to celebrate the career of Julie Walters

Broadcast has just posted that BBC2 will begin the production of an hour-long documentary to celebrate the illustrious career of Julie Waltersperhaps best known as Molly Weasley, the matriarch of the expansive Weasley family.

The documentary, under the working title Julie Walters: In Their Words, will be co-produced by Bafta Productions and follow with her being awarded the prestigious BAFTA Fellowship. The film will also feature clips from Walters’s past TV and film roles, contributions from people close to her, and “an in-depth interview with the actress herself.”

Suzanne McManus, the commissioning editor for BBC, was one of the people behind the documentary following Walters, saying,

She’s so loved by her fellow actors, so I’m looking forward to hearing their inside stories and having Julie back on our screens.

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