Pottermore Moments Revisited: Broomsticks, Dementors, and Maps, Oh My!

Chapter 9: Grim Defeat

Chapter thoughts: This chapter features one of the most exciting (and tragic) Quidditch games in the series. As Malfoy is still complaining about his arm, the Gryffindors end up playing Hufflepuff. We get our first mention of Cedric Diggory, and Harry sees a large dog sitting in the stands…but that’s not the worst of his problems, as the dementors arrive and Harry falls from his broomstick with a screaming voice in his head.

Moment 1: Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff

This is a rather boring moment. There is not much to it at all, just the dementors and a distant view of the Quidditch players. We hear an excerpt from the book, but that’s about it.

ch 9 dementors

And…that’s it? For the entire chapter? I would have liked to have a moment with the broken Nimbus in the hospital wing. It’s such an important moment.

Chapter 10: The Marauder’s Map

Chapter thoughts: This is another one of my favorite chapters. After the disappointment of the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff match, Harry is feeling down. However, Lupin’s promise to help Harry learn to counteract dementors is a lift. Harry is surprised when the Weasley twins present him with a wonderful map of Hogwarts. Harry finally gets to Hogsmeade, but the trip ends on a sour note when the trio overhears a conversation about Sirius Black.

Moment 1: Dissendium

There is some great new information on the wonderful Marauder’s Map from JKR in this moment. We learn a bit more about how the map was created and lost by the original Marauders, and JKR’s own thoughts about Harry holding on to the Map.

ch 10 map


Moment 2: Honeydukes

This is a wonderfully illustrated moment, but it’s a little light on interaction. However, the colorful shop is fun and really helps to bring out the description from the book.

ch 10 honeydukes


Moment 3: The Three Broomsticks

This is another moment lacking in interaction, though it is beautifully illustrated. However, it seems to follow the scene in the movie more closely than the scene in the book. Personally, I would have like to see the moment of the conversation in the pub itself.

ch 10 three broomsticks


Harry now knows the truth:  Sirius Black, the man who is supposed to be trying to kill him, is his godfather. How could his father’s best friend betray him?

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