Pottermore Moments Revisited: Dobby is Freeeeeee!

Chapter 17: “The Heir of Slytherin”

Chapter thoughts: This is such an action packed chapter, and such an important one. As Harry enters the bowels of the Chamber, he learns the truth about the attacks, Tom Riddle, and Ginny. After a heroic fight, Harry manages to destroy the diary, lead Ginny out, and return to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Notable moments include the conversation with Riddle, defeating the basilisk and Voldemort, and flying out of the pipe.

Moment 1: Tom Riddle

Oddly, we have another moment that is very…well…boring is the only word to describe it. There is absolutely nothing to be done in this moment. Granted, the artwork is very nice, with the ghostly form of Riddle standing over Harry and Ginny, and the greenish mist swirling around the scene. However, the only thing to be done is to zoom out once. Normally, moments like this at least have something to collect. Why the lack of anything here?

ch 17 riddle


Moment 2: The Basilisk

Honestly, the artwork of this moment may be some of my favorite. It really puts the fact that this GIANT SNAKE is actually a GIANT SNAKE, with terrifying fangs and oh gosh look at how small Harry and Fawkes are surely they can’t make it! The perspective is also nice, as you click to move upwards, and then up again to reach the head of the snake. This great artwork also helps to make up for the lack of interaction in this moment.

ch 17 basilisk


Moment 3: Harry Destroys the Diary

And it’s another interactive scarce moment. One click and done, as Harry stabs the diary and the memory of Tom Riddle disappears.

ch 17 diary


Chapter 18: Dobby’s Reward

Chapter thoughts: As this book comes to a close, we get a nice happy ending for so many of our favorite characters. Harry recounts his tale for Dumbledore, a feast is held, Gryffindor wins the House Cup, Ginny is forgiven, Hermione and Hagrid are back, and, perhaps best of all, Harry uses a clever ruse to set Dobby free. Please hold while I clear the mist from my eyes.

Moment 1: Dumbledore Returns

After all the dank, dark green and black of the last chapter, this scene seems to home like and comforting. There’s also a lot more to do, including collecting a Ginger Newt biscuit (flash forward to book five, there!). We also get some new information about the Sword of Gryffindor. Though not groundbreaking, it is interesting, especially in light of the sword’s place in the seventh book.

ch 18 office


Moment 2: A Free Elf

Poor Dobby does look very bandaged and hurt here! However, it’s another empty moment. It seems a shame that this book started off so interactive and ends with this little.

ch 18 dobby


And with that, Harry is back on the train to the Dursleys for a summer he won’t forget soon.

It’s obvious from this book on Pottermore that the team really took the time to listen to the site’s users and improve. There was quite the gap of time between the launch of the site and the introduction of this book, but it was worth it.

Up next is the book that is tied for my favorite in the series! I can’t wait to explore Prisoner of Azkaban with Pottermore.

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