Pottermore Moments Revisited: Out in the Great Wide World

Chapter 3: “The Knight Bus”

Chapter thoughts: This really seems to be the book where we start seeing more of the wizarding world at large. The Knight Bus is one of those things. Though it would be supremely uncomfortable, it also would be quite the adventure to ride! We also get the rumored story of the notorious Sirius Black who has escaped from the mysterious Azkaban. Harry end up not being in any kind of trouble and finds he has the rest of the summer to do as he wishes.

Moment 1: Magnolia Crescent

There’s not much to this moment, but I have almost come to expect that in these early chapters. The artwork is lovely though, and I like that Harry’s wand lights up and then we can more clearly see the dog in the alleyway.

ch 3 alley


Moment 2: Inside the Knight Bus

We get some new information about the Knight Bus and its history in this moment. There are also some infuriatingly difficult to catch Galleons rolling about, but in this moment, I’m wondering where the interaction of the second book has got to.

ch 3 knight bus


Chapter 4: “The Leaky Cauldron”

Once again, we start to see a bit more of what it’s like to live in the wider wizarding world. Harry explores Diagon Alley (who wouldn’t want a few weeks to do that?) and falls in love with the magnificent Firebolt. As Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys prepare to head back to Hogwarts, Harry finds out that Sirius Black is supposedly targeting him. However, like a normal teenager, he’s more concerned with missing out on trips with his friends than for his safety.

Moment 1: Monster Book of Monsters

This is another moment with not much in it. There are some books to collect and we see the flapping Monster Book of Monsters, but that’s about it. This illustration makes me sympathize with the assistant at the shop for having to deal with the books!

ch 4 books


Moment 2: The Magical Menagerie

I love the color and excitement in this moment. We see all of the animals mentioned in the book in wonderful detail. Crookshanks scares Scabbers and there just seems to be so much chaos in this scene. The artwork is absolutely phenomenal. However, it’s low on the interaction table.

ch 4 menagerie


Harry’s summer is over and it’s time to head back to Hogwarts. However, the journey there will not be a smooth as he would like it to be…

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