Pottermore Moments Revisited: Spiders and serpents

Chapter 15: “Aragog”

Chapter thoughts: In the aftermath of the last chapter, we learn that Hogwarts has basically gone on lockdown. Harry and a reluctant Ron set off to follow Hagrid’s last advice: “follow the spiders.” Unfortunately for them, Ron has more than enough reason to have arachnophobia. However, this terrifying encounter does have some payout as we discover that Hagrid is innocent and the monster of Slytherin’s only victim is Moaning Myrtle. The majority of this chapter is comprised of Harry and Ron’s conversation with Aragog and their escape.

Moment 1: Follow the Spiders

I’m not sure if it’s just an artistic choice so that they are easier to see or spiders are really that large in Scotland, but either way, the refrain in my head when I saw them was “nopenopenope.” However, it’s nice that it’s a bit of a game to discover them and where they are going. It’s a decent interactive moment.

ch 15 spiders


Moment 2: Rescued from the Forest

Did I say the last spiders were large? They are nothing compared to these ones, which you must keep back in order to proceed. Some of those things are terrifying, and Ron is right: they move weird. I honestly cannot fathom why Hagrid thought it would be a good idea to send the boys in there. The interaction, despite its horror, is fun and exciting.

ch 15 forest


Chapter 16: The Chamber of Secrets

Chapter thoughts: As this book starts to wind towards its climax, we finally descend below the school into the Chamber we have heard so much about. We also learn the truth about Lockhart and his sham. However, Harry is left alone to continue on into the Chamber in hopes of rescuing Ginny from its depths (I’m sure in about four years he was extremely happy he did).

Moment 1: Hermione’s Clue

That Hermione, still helping to solve the mystery even if she is Petrified in the hospital wing. I appreciate that the note has the word “pipes” handwritten, as is mentioned in the book. Other than that, this is a pretty empty moment.

ch 16 hospital


Moment 2: The Entrance to the Chamber

This moment is rather anticlimactic, as all that happens is you open the Chamber. It’s one click and done.

ch 16 bathroom

Moment 3: Two Entwined Serpents

My favorite thing about this is that when you click on the serpents, it says “You’ve unlocked ‘The Chamber of Secret’”. It’s new information from JKR, but the way it is worded just makes me smile; you’ve unlocked the Chamber and new info! This info brings up another Gaunt ancestor and explains how the Chamber came to be. However, the thing that most of the fandom seemed most disappointed about was that the information that Slytherin was the only founder to create a secret room completely took the wind out of the idea that Gryffindor or another founder created the Room of Requirement, which was a popular theory for some time.

ch 16 chamber


As Harry makes his way into the Chamber of Secrets, we are about to find out the true identity of the Heir of Slytherin…


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